وکیل جرایم سایبری

Liu Studio - Ep1-19 ft Sungmin (2018) [PerSub]

Best Lover - Zhoumi (2016) [persub]

Infinity Challeng-Ep498 (EXO) ft Kyuhyun (2016) [PerSub]

[PerSub]Super Junior Coffe Prince parody complete (2008)

Only you "SWP OST" [MV] By Choi Siwon (2015) [persub]

She Was Pretty - Choi Siwon (2015) [persub]

President- Lee Sungmin (2010) [persub]

A Cyborg in Love-Cho Kyuhyun (2016) [persub]

The Cat Funeral - Kangin (2015) [persub]

To the Fore - Choi Siwon (2015) [persub]